Volunteering is a great way to practice generosity and to meet and interact with new and like-minded people. Interacting with members of the public is a great way to build friendships and community within Croydon, aswell as exemplifying Buddhist Practice. At Hidden Gems, we especially encourage practicing Buddhists to volunteer with us as part of their dana (giving) and sangha (community & friendship) practices.

Volunteers do not have to be Buddhists to join us, but we would encourage you to learn about our charity (Triratna Buddhist Community Surrey) purpose and activities, and perhaps join some meditation or introductory classes at our Buddhist Centre.

If you are 18years or over and are interested in volunteering with our Hidden Gems team, please do pop in and say hello. We’ll give you a form to complete and arrange for you to come and meet the team. Although shop experience is welcome, we will provide training.

You can also contact us via

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